Marathon race represents the big effort, the process when a person is exceeding their capabilities, but also the values that sports stand for. It is the personal struggle of each runner, who stands at the historic place of the city of Marathon and is looking forward to the start of the race. It is the distance, in which a runner –just by running it- can realize, test and overcome their limits. It is the rhythm of thousands of runners, who run the same route towards the Panathenaic Stadium and along the way, they discover the beat of their own drum.

The Authentic route became the reason, for the birth of the “Authentic Talks”. The “Authentic Talks” is authentic speeches of people who connect -in a direct or in an indirect way- through their experiences, with the stands of the fair play. It is about authentic stories from personalities with a status, who are role models in their fields of expertise. Through their personal life experiences, they will be able to deliver their values and ideals to the audience, the same ones that Marathon stands for and therefore “Marathon of life”.